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What are the Main Features of a Business Phone System?

business phone system

Is your business phone system out of date? Are your employees only able to make ingoing and outgoing calls with your phone system? With a traditional phone system, they may be losing out on the features to keep them productive and working efficiently. Your workers may be using multiple systems to complete all the communications functions necessary within a workday, and you could be losing money on your phone system.  

With the advancement in phone technology, businesses are upgrading their systems and ditching the traditional phone to take advantage of newer technology in their new business phone systems – for example, a cloud-based phone system.  

What is a Cloud-Based Phone System? 

A cloud-based business phone system, also known as a hosted PBX or virtual phone system, uses the Internet to enable business connections with a range of advanced communication features. The internet-based nature of the phone system allows the entire solution to offer features and functions that traditional systems can not support.  

The Main Features of a Business Phone System 

Audio calling will always be the main feature of any phone system, and newer business phone systems offer crystal-clear, HD audio. If you’re connected to a stable Internet connection, you won’t experience any latency or drop-outs. Here are some of the other features you’ll be able to take advantage of with a new business phone system. 

Auto-attendant. Instead of having a receptionist on staff, you can use an automated system to direct your callers. An automated receptionist answers and directs incoming calls to the proper extension or department. This way, your customers won’t have to deal with a busy signal or hold times.  

Voicemail to email. This is an excellent feature if you need to screen your calls. Voicemail to email allows you to save your messages as audio files to your computer and not keep the voicemail tied to your phone. There’s also a transcription feature that will convert the audio to text, as well. This prevents your voicemail from becoming too full. 

Mobile apps. Employees can download their provider’s application on their mobile devices. They can make their phone calls from their mobile device, and it seems it’s coming from the business line, so as not to give out their personal number. The user has access to all their system’s features from their mobile device. 

Interactive voice response (IVR). This works the same way as an auto-attendant but uses AI to learn voice commands. Instead of pressing a number, you communicate with the system as if you were speaking with a receptionist. You can tell it which extension or department and it uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) for commands. 

Call Forwarding. Users can forward their calls to another colleague or their mobile device. If the user travels or will be at an event, calls will be routed to their device of choice. If an employee is on vacation, calls can go to another teammate. This ensures calls are never missed. 

Conference calling. The system should be able to handle conference calls without needing a specific conference call phone and everyone gathering in a room. 

Call recording. Businesses can enable call recording to record and store phone calls. This can service multiple purposes: 

  • Quality assurance 
  • Create call scripts for customer service 
  • Optimize sales calls by using higher-performing scripts 
  • Use in feedback reviews 

Business tool integration. This allows businesses to sync their phone system with their customer relationship software (CRM). If you’re using a tool like Salesforce, you’re able to sync contacts and contact data into your business phone system. This way, you can access customer records from one platform without having to navigate windows. This provides a better and more efficient customer experience. 

Invision Technologies For Your New Business Phone System 

When you’re ready to upgrade to a new business phone system, consider the pros at Invision Technologies. We can integrate your current business tools and we ensure a seamless transition so that you and your customers experience no downtime. Contact us today and let’s get the conversation started on how a new business phone system can improve your company’s efficiency.

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