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Data & Fiber-Optic

Installation Company

Invision Technologies offers data and fiber-optic cabling installations to ensure the groundwork of your project is set up for present and future functionality based on your business needs and specifications. Without proper installation, it is likely your systems will not be supported or function at its full potential.


Invision Technologies has the capabilities to provide connectivity to:

Engineered System Plan

We take the time to understand the scope of your project so that we can engineer a system to meet your needs. Our dedicated and certified technicians install your fiber optic cabling right the first time for your current business needs as well as future plans for scaling. We are capable of running cables in small offices all the way to hotels and hospitals – there is no job too big or too small for us to handle. Our quality equipment and proven process make it easy for any size business to set up and maintain connectivity while being backed by Invision’s elite team if an issue ever arises.

Benefits of Fiber-Optic Cabling

  • Lightweight
  • Cost-effective
  • Operates a high bandwidth

Our Proven Process


We take time to analyze your needs and specifications, considering your end-goal and plans for future expansion. We find out what you will be using our solution for. This helps us fully understand the scope of your project and how time sensitive it is.


Our industry is constantly changing and there are always innovative solutions being discovered. We stay on top of new findings and determine if they will work with our suite of services, and specifically with your project. We want to provide the best possible products and service.


Once we fully understand your project, we will start planning the best solution for your needs. This stage in the process is collaborative as our team has years of experience in various parts of the industry.


We create a strategic, engineered design that includes every system we will be handling for your project. This ensures we have a set plan going into the project to keep our target completion date and eliminate downtime.


Our personable team works with you and your business to schedule a timeline for your project. When a project lasts more than one day, we are sure to keep you and your operations in mind. We want this process to be easy and seamless for our customers.


We then begin the installation or integration phase. Our skilled technicians work meticulously to ensure proper set up, following the previously designed plan and agreed upon timeline.


We do not simply install and leave you to figure out how to navigate and operate your solution. We will train you and your employees on how to maximize the capabilities of your system. We are always available to answer any questions.


Our support team is here when you need anything. They have the industry knowledge and problem-solving skills needed to relay any services needed to our technicians.

Other Cabling Services

  • Voice Cabling
  • CAT 5 & 6 Data Cabling

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