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Leading IT Services Company

In Georgia

Invision Technologies offers full-service IT support for data and network support, maintenance, and security.

We offer a range of involvement in your business technology solutions – we can completely manage everything or work in tandem with your in-house IT department to supplement their duties. Our managed IT services make it possible for smaller businesses to enjoy the same level of complete technical support that large companies have, but at an affordable, flat monthly fee that covers all of the services you need.

To provide your business with premium, comprehensive managed IT support, we:

  • Help our clients make the right technology decisions for present success as well as future growth.
  • Meet with product vendors to understand the industry’s innovative tools and equipment.
  • Research, find, and test the best equipment and solutions for our clients.
  • Stay up to date on specific industry trends and best practices.
  • Supports 4,000 computers and 750 servers

Organizations we serve

As a leading provider of IT, telephone, and security services, our business clientele is extremely diverse. We are committed to providing personal attention and excellent service to each one. Our engineers and technicians understand that the needs of each industry, market, and business vary case by case. We take time to analyze your unique situation and provide the best, most cost-effective solution possible.

Small Businesses

We comprehensively handle everything from alarm systems to cloud backups of your important data, and everything in between. Our professional services clients range from legal offices and accounting firms to financial institutions and other small to medium-size businesses. Based on your needs, we can supplement your internal solutions or provide the full suite of our services.


We serve a range of government agencies and facilities, streamlining their operations and offering a peace of mind for the security of their information and property. We can install our VoiceConnect VoIP phone system so fielding multiple calls an hour becomes streamlined and stress-free. Our security systems monitor and protect high traffic areas, important equipment, and anything else you want to keep an eye on. We have also installed phone systems for several South Georgia county governments.


We are fully equipped to set up a school or university with the ultimate security, data safety and backup, and connectivity. Our cyber securitycloud backup, and video surveillance and access control are popular options for education systems. We currently handle IT support for five schools with over 2,500 students.


We ensure network security by installing fiber and data cabling ourselves and engineering a system that works best for what your manufacturing facility needs. We have designed, installed, and currently support the entire computer system for an ethanol production plant based in South Georgia. After installation, we do not leave you to fend for yourselves – Invision can fully manage your IT solutions.

Other industries we serve

  • Churches
  • Industrial
  • Healthcare
  • Non-profits

Are you not seeing your industry among the ones featured above? Contact us now and ask for a custom solution!