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Our Reliable Security

Camera Systems & Access Control

Invision Technologies provides dependable, easy-to-operate systems with the highest quality equipment meant to last. It is our commitment to provide the best solutions for your needs. Our access control, alarm, and security camera systems operate seamlessly to give you a peace of mind that your property is secured.


Video Surveillance

Our video surveillance service ensures maximum security for your business. Our top-of-the-line systems from industry-leading manufacturers have the operating power to remain reliable and uphold its quality. Upon installation, we can program the cameras to record their feeds in the event you need to find a specific day and time to play back. No matter where you are, stream your cameras’ feed on a computer, tablet, or smartphone and rest easy knowing Invision Technologies is managing your security.

Security Camera System Features

  • Program cameras to record video
  • View livestream on computer or phone

Access Control

Being in control of who and when a person enters your facility is a main benefit of our access control services. Our technicians are trained and certified to install these access control systems in a timely manner so not a day goes by without being protected. We offer systems that require no person-to-person contact, so there is no need to hire someone to oversee your access control solution. Based on your needs, we will tailor a system that is perfect for your facility.

Our access control systems include the following forms of entry:

  • Card swipe
  • Face recognition
  • Fingerprint scan
  • Gate buzz-in
  • ID tags
  • Key fobs
  • Magnetic locks
  • Temperature checks

SecureConnect for Business

Our SecureConnect solution for businesses operates as traditional alarm systems do for doors, windows, and motion detecting. Similar to our fire alarm system monitoring, we vigilantly monitor your system and if anything, or anyone triggers it, we will call the agreed upon point of contact.

Popular Uses of Access Control


Your employees can use their key card or ID tag as a way to clock in and clock out each day, making it easy to track time and hold employees accountable.


Keeping your students safe is your main priority. Our access control solutions can track students arriving and leaving the school, so at all times you will know if a student is safely in school or not. Visitor access can also be controlled.

with our security services.