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Computer Backup

Data loss for any business is a loss of much more than information.

It is a loss of time and money as well, and maybe even your customer’s trust. Invision Technologies offers an extensive cloud backup of your business’ data and information to ensure nothing is lost and you experience no downtime. You do not have to worry about your business’ data – we take care of it. Your data is protected and secure, compliant with multiple industry security compliance regulations.

Invision Technologies cloud backup can take care of varying sized businesses and networks. We can backup your company’s data across multiple locations.

Managed backup services

Disaster Recovery Services

Examples of organizations that need cloud backup

  • Law offices
  • Medical practices
  • School systems
  • Retail


From critical work files to family photos, our cloud backup protects your most valuable digital assets, automatically and continuously.

Virtual desktops

Access your entire digital workspace – not limited to documents or applications – from multiple devices at any time.

shared files

Working with coworkers and external teams has never been simpler. You can securely share files and collaborate with anyone using any device.


Instead of buying new servers every few years, utilize our virtual servers to stay up to date and secure. You will only pay for what you really need.

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