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Fire Alarm Systems

Invision Technologies offers fire alarm installation, support, maintenance, testing, and monitoring to commercial customers throughout Middle and South Georgia.

Every business must have a fire alarm system implemented for the safety of employees and patrons. You must operate within commercial building and Fire Marshall code or there will be consequences resulting in downtime. Invision Technologies installs fire alarm systems for businesses of all size – single alarm buildings up to advanced hotel systems – and we’re committed to getting it done right the first time.

Along with other solutions, Invision Technologies can install the following for our architect, engineer, and contractor partners:

  • Fiber & Data Cabling
  • Video Surveillance
  • Access Control
  • Fire Alarm System

Invision Technologies’ Fire Alarm Services


Our NICET certified technicians professionally install your fire alarm system in a timeframe that ensures no downtime. We take the necessary time to properly set up your system right the first time.

the best team

Our team is committed to serving our customers. We take care of anything that goes wrong with your fire alarm system. We also train you and your employees on how to operate the system correctly.

Routine Testing

This is the most important aspect of maintaining compliant with commercial building and Fire Marshall code. Our technicians will come to your location and personally test each smoke detector and system.


At the beginning of our partnership, we will designate a specific point of contact to reach out to if the alarm ever goes off, for example: Call the main business line, and if no one answers, call 911. We want to ensure the safety of you, your employees, and your assets.

Nicet Certified

Our technicians are Nicet Certified and held to the highest standard of fire alarm system planning, installation, monitoring, and more. Our team participated in the certification program and passed tests for the following fire alarm-related activities:

  • System layout and planning
  • System equipment selection
  • System installation
  • System acceptance testing
  • System troubleshooting
  • System servicing
  • System technical sales

As well as more technical areas including:

  • Codes and standards
  • Types of detectors and signaling systems
  • Supervision requirements
  • Power requirements
  • Building/space structure
  • Occupancy considerations
  • Basic electricity and electronics

Does your business need a fire alarm system?