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Invision's SecureConnect

Your Smart Home Security Solution

Keep Your Home Secure From Anywhere

With our SecureConnect offering, you get the best of both worlds. Enjoy all the benefits of a traditional security system plus our suite of home automation features designed to give you peace of mind – no matter how far you get from home. 

Features that protect your home & Your Wallet

Thanks to our hard-working team, Invision’s SecureConnect solution can not only protect what you love the most but also help you save on your energy bill. Check out some of the features that make this possible: 

big-picture benefits

All-in-One Smart Home system

Fully secure - and automate - your home without spending money on two different systems. Everything you need has already been integrated into one, user-friendly platform.

Security Management in the Palm of Your Hand

Whether it's turning off your porch light or checking your front door video feed, you can do it via our SecureConnect application – available on IOS and Android devices.

Highly Personalized Security Solutions

We know one size doesn't fit all. Which is why every SecureConnect setup is custom-built to fit the needs of that particular customer - no more paying for functionality you don't need.

What to Expect from our home security system

Thanks to our partnership with, SecureConnect isn’t just a piece of software, but an entire security offering. If you choose to use SecureConnect, you’ll receive:

  • Indoor & outdoor cameras with infrared capabilities
  • Door & window sensors for motion monitoring
  • A central security system hub
  • Free professional installation of all hardware and software

Interested in Learning more?

We’d be more than happy to schedule a home security consultation call with you to hear your concerns, review your needs, and provide our recommendations.