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Phone Solutions

In addition to our VoiceConnect phone solution, we also offer traditional telephone systems uniquely designed for your multi-phone system needs. Our phone solutions help your phone system interact in the most efficient way for internal and external calling and faxing. We take time to analyze and understand your business phone needs and engineer a system complete with relevant equipment and features to drive productivity and streamline business communications.

Our Phone Solution Process


Before diving into a sales pitch, we take time to understand how your business will be using our phone system so we can offer you the most sensible equipment and feature options for your needs. You purchase the phone system with the required functions from us and pay your service provider for monthly usage.


Our expert team of technicians will coordinate the optimal time to come to your business and install the phone system. We work quickly and set up your phone system right the first time.

Train & Maintain

After installation, we will not leave your business until all employees are comfortable operating the phone system and accessing the additional features included in your phone solution. We ensure your employees can operate the system at maximum potential. We remain the only support phone number you will need if an issue with your phone solution arises. We are available to come to your business and troubleshoot any problems.

Multiple Locations, One Phone System

Our tailored phone solutions lend well to larger businesses, especially those needing 30 or more phones. It is more economical in the long run to purchase the phone system your business needs outright. It is also more efficient as our technicians can be on the job faster than bigger phone solution companies.

Enjoy Personal Attention & Service

Invision Technologies takes pride in the level of care and attention each of our clients receive. Unlike larger telecommunication companies, Invision Technologies has a service team that is knowledgeable about your account and the needs you have. Instead of sitting on hold or waiting around all day for a service technician to arrive, trust Invision with your phone solutions. We are always available and have the reach to quickly fix any issue when downtime is not an option.

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