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3 Cybersecurity Myths Every Small Business Owner Should Stop Believing 

Small business cyber security

As a small business owner, cybersecurity may not be at the top of your to-do list. But don’t be fooled! Small business cyber security shouldn’t be taken lightly – especially in our highly digital age. In this blog, we’ll unpack just a few of the many myths you might believe about cyber security.   

Myth 1: My Business Is Too Small to Be a Target   

False. Many criminals specifically target smaller businesses because they believe they won’t have the money or wherewith-all to implement strong cyber-security measures. In short, they’re an easy mark. Small businesses are three times more likely to fall victim to cybercriminals than larger companies.   

When it comes to cybersecurity, being proactive is key. Instead of waiting for cyberattacks to happen and then reacting to them, take preventive measures! By identifying and addressing your vulnerabilities and preparing for worst-case scenarios, you can take charge of your cybersecurity strategies, prioritize risks, and prevent security breaches.  

Not only that, but it also makes it easier to deal with them when they do occur. This approach reduces cleanup costs and allows businesses to stay on top of emerging threats, maintain compliance, and build customer trust. In fact, the proactive security market is expected to grow to $45.67 million by 2026, which shows just how important it is for companies to prioritize cybersecurity.   

Myth 2: I Can Protect My Business with Antivirus Software Alone  

As businesses become more reliant on technology, it’s crucial to have robust cyber security measures in place to protect against cyber threats. Antivirus software is often the first line of defense, but it’s not enough to safeguard a small business from every type of cyber-attack. Here are some reasons why:   

  • Insider threats. Antivirus software cannot protect against employee-driven cyberattacks or employee fraud. In many cases, these attacks are even more dangerous because the perpetrator already has access to sensitive company information.  
  • Compromised devices. Not all devices have antivirus software installed in a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) environment. These unprotected devices can infiltrate and infect protected systems, leaving businesses vulnerable to cyber-attacks.  
  • Advanced persistent threats (APT). Advanced cybercriminals can use APT attacks to infiltrate a company’s networks and remain undetected for long periods. Antivirus software may not detect these types of attacks, which can result in the theft of sensitive company data.  
  • Unknown malware. Antivirus software relies on known malware signatures to detect and remove threats. However, new malware is created and distributed daily, so it could bypass antivirus solutions.  

Given these limitations, small businesses should implement a multi-layered cybersecurity approach that includes training employees on cybersecurity best practices, using a firewall, and implementing a secure password policy, among other measures.  

Myth 3: Cybersecurity is Too Expensive for My Small Business   

We get it. Budgets can be tight – especially for smaller businesses. Why would you want to spend your hard-earned money on cybersecurity? If you were attacked, would it greatly impact your business? The costs associated with cyber-attacks on small businesses alone should be enough to make you think twice.   

The average data breach cost in 2018 was $3.86 million, with small businesses experiencing even higher costs at an average of $2.2 million per attack. And the costs are only increasing with time. Since 2013, the average data breach cost has increased by 6.4% each year.  

Small Business Cyber Security Services You Can Implement 

Unauthorized access to data centers, email accounts, phone, and computer networks, sensitive medical records, and more can be detrimental to your business or organization, which is why Invision Technologies offers a range of Small Business Cyber Security Services to protect your business’ internet and network-based systems from all kinds of threats.   

With our comprehensive approach, you can rest assured that your assets are protected, allowing you to focus on the growth and success of your business. Here are just a few of our services:  

  • Email Security Services. Invision Technology understands the importance of privacy and security. Our technicians can implement tools to apply specific filters to your inbox, analyzing the email for malicious intent.  
  • Dark Web Scanning. We perform routine scans on your computer to check for dark web infiltration attempts. In doing so, we check for any instances of personal information or sensitive data being sold or illegally used on the dark web.  
  • Small Business Cyber Security Training. With their cyber security services comes ongoing training to ensure your team knows the most recent cyber security best practices. This helps you stay vigilant when handling personal information or sensitive data. Each week, you’ll be provided a unique cyber security training video that gives you valuable information to protect your data and information.  
  • Cyber Insurance Services. If a data breach or cyber-attack occurs, our cyber insurance aids in responding to the event. For example, cyber insurance assists in responding to network or computer systems being corrupted or hacked. Invision Technologies can analyze your risks and match you with a coverage plan that suits your needs.   

Invision Technologies Can Help  

At Invision Technologies, we understand the importance of proactive small business cyber security measures. That’s why we offer a wide range of cyber security services so you can focus on what you do best – managing and growing your business! Don’t let these myths put your business at risk. Contact Invision Technologies today to protect your business from cybercrime! 

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