About Invision Technologies

Invision Technologies helps small to medium-size businesses manage their IT infrastructure and implement new technologies to take their operations to the next level.  Invision specializes in serving the professional services industries, government, education, and manufacturing facilities. Currently, the majority of the firm’s clients are located within a 90-mile radius of Albany, Georgia.
Invision was founded in 2007 with the express purpose of “empowering communities through technology.” The firm started as a computer network services operation but quickly grew into a complete technology services business offering solutions for computer networking, telephone systems, and low-voltage infrastructure installations.
In 2013, Invision purchased Atlantic Tel-Com, Inc. (ATC).  Since 1981, ATC has been serving southwest Georgia using leading edge telephone systems; from the original digital systems, to modern day Voice over IP or VoIP systems.
In 2015, Invision acquired Alarm Detection Technologies. Founded in 1998, Alarm Detection was an Albany, Georgia based firm specializing in commercial and residential alarm systems, as well as fire alarms, access control systems, and camera surveillance systems.
Invision currently employs over 30 local individuals and is led by 3 partners; Jay Pollock, Jay Carpenter, and Andrew Robinson. The company plans to continue to serve the southwest Georgia community and innovate and adapt to continue to provide leading-edge technology solutions.